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Northwest Ohio

Recently it was revealed that Lake Erie, one of the great lakes that borders Canada and the United States of America is in a state of decay. On the American side of Lake Erie there has been a large amount of algae has been blooming in the shallowest lake of the great lakes. This algae has put in a great amount of toxins, so much toxins that it can sicken people in a matter of hours and kill pets within a day. The reason for this algae’s growth is because the USA doesn’t respect natural environments and they never will, they’ve dumped a mass amount of sludge from a sewage plant on the border of Lake Erie. They’ve been dumping this sludge for more than a decade.


This problem doesn’t just effect Americans but it also effects Canadians located in the area. Eventually the Algae will spread to all points of Lake Erie unless Canada does something about it. There has been rumors that Canada will simply put a large divider in between the lake at the border. This will solve the issue and result in American’s losing a large amount of the fresh water they so desperately crave. Canadians all around the country have expressed their disbelief in this issue and demand that the Canadian Government do something about the destruction of Lake Erie.

The worry is that America won’t take no for an answer and try to claim other great lakes as their own. This has been a theory for more than a decade from scientists all around the world. It is believed that once fresh water runs out for America they will attack their largest ally Canada in order to steal their fresh drinking water. Luckily precautions are being taken already to stop this future issue.

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August 6, 2014 · 5:29 pm