Throwing darts – Tips

Darts date back 100’s of years to where the sport became widely popular among men. The first design of a dart was much longer than we know them today. It’s been said that they were around 30cm long. The dart board as we know it today was cut from tree trucks, which was great as scoring was judged with the natural rings of the tree. As the slice of trunk dried out natural cracks also became part of the board, which allowed for more accurate scoring.


Darts as we know it today isn’t very different, however the boards are much different and offer numbers and a wide range of different combinations one can play to get score. The darts are also a lot shorter and easier to through at targets. Interestingly enough, the game of darts has gone as far as to transcend to pokie machines within the design concept of their themes. Dart boards, darts and other attributes about the game can be found within games of this kind. One place showcasing those games is They offer up a article about Pokies with a Dart theme that is a good read if you enjoy pokies.

There are many different games played with darts, but the main games are killer, 501 and 301. In league the most famous game is 501, which is played with 2 or more players. Each player starts with 501 points on the score board. The objective is to get to 0 first. The game has to be finished on a double, which means if 20 points remain you will need to get double 10 to finish.

Killer is played with 2 or more players as well. Each player will need to get 3 every number from 10 to 20. Doubles and triple can be used, which means if a player needs to get 3 number 20’s and hits trip 20 the number will be complete and the player can move on to the next number. If you finish the 20’s before your opponent you can keep throwing 20 to accumulate score. Your opponent will need to catch up this score by closing other numbers before you and throwing the same number to beat your score before finishing the game.

The following tips are from a dart legend whose first tip is to dress comfortably, which will allow you to better focus on the game you playing and allow you to pay attention, instead of feeling irritated. Be sure to check out all the options, including most importantly your short and shoes.

According to Phil the best way to play is to stand with your one foot sideways and lean in with your body. This provides stability and makes one focus on the board. Take the dart and aim with it like you would with a gun.
When taking a shot, be sure to focus on the number you want to hit. Clear your mind and allow yourself a moment to stabilize and get fully focused. Remember to keep your arm straight even after the dart has left your hand. If you have hit your target draw your next dart without looking down (will break concentration) and throw again. If you didn’t hit your target do not move. Concentrate on your target again and try to evaluate the problem. Always remember practice makes perfect. No one wakes up one morning and becomes a pro the same day.

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