Skegness to host big money darts event

Skegness, UK will be the site for a brand new darts tournament that will offer up a plethora of amazing prizes for those that have the skills to hit the targets and beat the big fellows vying for the titles. The contest will be hosted at the beautiful Marine Boathouse and there will be the possibility of snatching up 13,000 pounds. While the competition will be open to players in the region, those that are creating this event are also hoping that this will attract some of the world’s biggest names and thus gather tons of attention.

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There is a prize award of 10,000 pounds that is assured to one lucky player and if there happens to be a nine-dart check out on the weekend when the finals are played, an additional 3000 will be thrown into the pot.

Starting on September 13th, 2014, the tourney will schedule sixteen heats for a total of sixty-four contestants and the grand finale will be held on the weekend of February 28, 2015. Marine Boathouse spokesman, Dean Gillison, says that he is very hopeful that this event will attract a large group of spectators from surrounding areas into Skegness in a season that is generally low for tourists. From what has been heard through the grapevine, people across the country are expressing interest in the tournament and believe that the prize money is worth the trip.

Additionally, the organizers are confident that offering a fairly substantial purse will be a good incentive to bring the top players in the sport to the game and this will, in turn, attract more spectators. If they can bring some good numbers into town, there is a good chance that they will return on future occasions once they discover what a lovely destination Skegness is for families in the country and even for others that might come from other locations.

Weekly winners will get 100 pounds and be eligible for the February finals where they will have the chance to compete for the big money. The first prize amount with be 5,000 pounds with a runner up prize of 1,000 pounds and semi-finalists will each receive 400 pounds.

The weekly games will be played in the Boathouse’s facilities in the function room that is mounted with eleven boards for darts play. A professional master of ceremonies will officiate on the final event and the games will be schedule to be played on the main stage. Entertainment is planned for the final weekend to accompany the players on stage as they are being introduced.

Local players are already taking part in seasonal play at the Boathouse and hopefully trying to hone their skills to get ready for the big event come September. This will start to create a buzz among townsfolk as well as in outlying areas. A local tournament will take play in May with a ten pound entry fee just to start the ball rolling. Already interest has been expressed for this event by players from areas such as Sheffield, Rotherham and Nottingham.

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