Scot Peter Wright is Called on Show of Bad Sportsmanship

The last thing that anyone wants to see in a darts competition is a display of poor sportsmanship as the game prides itself on upholding a standard of good character and integrity. So when Peter Wright took it upon himself to glorify his victory, star player Adrian Lewis was quick to call him on his exhibition of bad taste. Lewis claims that Wright’s pompous motion to incite fan jeering was out of line.

Peter Wright

Scotsman Wright says he was simply celebrating his own victory and has since apologized to Lewis for perhaps taking his antics somewhat too far after he slammed the player in the Hydro clash in Glasgow. The 2-time world champion was visibly upset by Wright’s display of gloating when he suffered an ample defeat at his hand on the fourth night of competition with a 7-1 loss.

Wright made an effort to rile up the crowd of more than 10,000 spectators in a taunt in the final throws of the match and, seeing as he was playing on home turf, this was easily accomplished with the most minimal effort. The fans happily revved up the level of noise to Wright’s orchestrated direction and the effort served to amp up the humiliation suffered by Lewis as his opponent continued to toss his way through to a final double.

Lewis felt that the display was an unnecessary gesture seeing as the victory was already heavily tipped in Wright’s favour and it was rather obvious that the win would be his. Lewis concedes that his opponent was indeed the stronger competitor of the evening and believes that his actions really only served to make him appear petty and unsportsmanlike, particularly in light of the fact that Wright was playing to his own countryman and the crowd was already solidly on his side. Lewis went on to imply that players should display a higher level of maturity and leave such shows of gamesmanship to younger, less experienced players.

While Lewis did reveal that Peter had offered an apology, Wright’s public commentary implied that his behaviour was not a significant slight. He says that part of his job is to entertain the crowds as well as to win and that his motives were purely in an effort to keep the action heightened.

Wright also insists that his primary motivation is to claim that top spot in the game. He’s hot on the trail of Michael van Gerwen’s prize after he bested the Dutchman in the Betway Premier League action and that he will not stop until he reaches his destination of being the number one player in the world. He concedes that he will have to invest the time in getting to that goal and he is more than willing to make the commitment. His claim is that, if he continues to be able to qualify and participate in premier events, he is confident that he will reach his goal over the course of the next couple of years.

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