Purchasing Darts

If you are buying your first set of darts, you might have to select and try a few before you determine what might be the best set for you. The following tips and suggestions might start you on the right path but you’ll still need to test them out to find out what best suits your style and your skill level.

Depending on the size of your hand, you may favour a variable size. Try them out to test that out. You can choose either a soft tip or a steel tip and here’s how they differentiate.

Soft tip:
• Plastic tips are flexible
• Boards must have molded holes
• Often electronic boards with automatic scoring

Steel tip:
• Sharper metal tips
• Traditional dartboard

Your second significant element is the dart weight and again personal testing will be essential in deciding which one is right for you. The heavier the dart, the less effort you will need in your throw. Heavier darts are sometimes recommended for women to extend the amount of power in their shot. Steel tips are generally heavier and are the best choice for beginners.

You should also consider the grip of the dart and there are a variety of standards to choose from to coordinate with your preferred handling. Ringed grip provides a rough no slip surface with multiple rings. The shark fin has fin-like rings and the puma wave has smoother rings with an easy flow. The knurled grips have the criss-crossed surface texture. The micro grip has tiny rings and precision grip is much smoother.

shark fin darts

Darts are balanced in different ways and you’ll need to become accustomed to which one works best for you. Some are heavier in front and are referred to as front loaded. These tend to arc more than balanced weights and will help beginners when they are developing accuracy.

Darts are fashioned with metals such as nickel, tungsten or brass with brass and nickel generally being the most cost efficient. These are, however, thicker and might hinder the players ability to land the darts in tighter groupings on the board. The higher the amount of tungsten that is used in the dart, the narrower it can be thus allowing the darts to collect on the board more tightly and improving the quality of the game.

The titanium coated darts are some of the best quality. The coating will protect the metal underneath extending their lifespan so that they do not corrode or tarnish from elements such as grime, oils or salty sweat from frequent use. The coating is a fine film which does not impact the weight of the dart or the efficiency of the grip. This material is durable and will ensure that your darts are a long-lasting investment.

The final consideration is the budget and deciding how much you would like to spend on your initial purchase. The more tungsten that the darts consist of the greater the expense will be. Darts with about 90 per cent tungsten are the most expensive while brass darts tend to be the greatest bargain.

While these tips will be helpful in making your selection, everything hinges on your preference and style. Make sure that you have the opportunity to test the differences prior to making your selection and don’t jump into the highest investment if this is your first purchase. Your skill level will impact the dart you prefer so you can always upgrade later. Happy shopping!

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