PDC World Matchplay Commits to 5 Years at the Winter Gardens

The lovely seaside town of Blackpool in Lancashire, North West England, will continue to play host to the Professional Darts Corporation BetVictor World Matchplay as they have just committed to a five year deal that will carry on the tradition of the famous Winter Gardens serving as its venue.

Winter Gardens Blackpool

The beautiful Winter Gardens is a historic site that is well-renowned and opened to the public in the summer of 1873 with dignitaries from almost 70 different cities across the country, including London, in attendance. Its presence has enhanced the town of Blackpool not only as a resort destination but also one of cultural benefits, attracting tourists from destinations well beyond the borders of the United Kingdom. The Winter Gardens has long been recognized as a premiere entertainment complex.

This venue is the perfect location for the PDC’s tournament. The tournament has been well established over the years and is the second longest running major event in the PDC repertoire. The beautiful Empress Ballroom at the Gardens has been the backdrop for this event since it began. Last year marked the 20th anniversary of the tournament which was a milestone celebration in itself. With the elegance and scale that the ballroom’s architecture provides, it sets the stage for a luxurious experience for both players and spectators.

This year’s 21st World Matchplay is scheduled to be held from July 19th to the 27th of 2014 and it is the inaugural tournament to be organized under the newly renewed contract between the PDC and the venue.

The occasion has set the stage to crown many a champion including the current World Matchplay winner Phil Taylor. The Power, as he is known, has already amassed 14 awarded titles at the Blackpool tournament and last summer marked his sixth consecutive win. When asked for comment, Taylor expressed delight with the news, claiming that it was definitely an excellent choice for both participants and fans, himself included. He says that the venue is his favourite among the hundreds that he has had the good fortune to have visited throughout his successful career and describes the location as “magical”. It is clear that anyone lucky enough to be a part of this event will thoroughly enjoy the treat of being housed in such an elaborate space.

Taylor references his many victories collected under the Winter Garden’s roof and says that he has gathered many great memories playing there and is delighted that he will have the chance to create more in the next five years with the relationship being extended.

Managing Director of the Winter Gardens, Michael Williams discussed the 20th anniversary milestone and praised the PDC for their commitment to both Blackpool and to the venue itself. He is amply prepared to make the next five years of hosting the World Matchplay as memorable as the years previous and hopes that the relationship between the two organizations will extend beyond that as well. He states that the tournament has and will continue to be one of the premier highlights on the Winter Garden’s schedule and appreciates the value that it brings to both complex and to the town of Blackpool itself.

The Empress Ballroom, where the contest will be held, was opened shortly after the completion of the venues construction and has been the home to numerous other popular events such as political and corporate conferences, musical and dance events and other competitive tournaments. Make sure to book early to ensure availability of seating and accommodations.

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