Darts for Charity

The competitive game of darts takes its spirit of sportsmanship to another level by hosting four events that will contribute to charity in the Craigavon District in Northern Ireland. The local league held the first event on Thursday, February 27th and will be dedicating the earnings from the tournament to the Northern Ireland Cancer for Kids Charity. The league will run two separate events with a blind 3-a-sides contest, creating the inaugural competition for what is being planned as an annual Charity Ladies Cup.


The popularity of the game has been increasing dramatically and this year’s tournament has enticed the interest of three teams who would like to engage to vie in the competition to take home the first Ladies Charity Cup. The expectation is that, in years to come, the event will grow in popularity to become a coveted tournament that also lends itself to benefits within the community.

Liz McLaughlin of the Trojans will claim the title as being the original winner as she competed against seven other women who turned up to throw the steel tipped missiles in an effort to grab the top prize. While many matches were concluded as draws, McLaughlin snagged her first victory over Martina Power. The Stable’s Cherie Toland took Ciara Mulholland of the Crumlins, negating her many years of experience as an Antrim League player. Fiona McGuigan, with a standup background engaged with both the Portadown and the Banbridge leagues, saw a victory over Marion Breen who was stepping up to the competitive arena for the very first time. Karen McErlene also came out a winner in her quarter final match playing Karen Miller.

In semi-final action, McErlene was not so fortunate as she fell victim to the greater know-how of Fiona McGuigan while McLaughlin succeeded in beating Cherie Toland. The two victors went on to face each other in a crowd pleasing final match. Liz McLaughlin was the one to trump McGuigan and took home her very first trophy of the season. Team captain of the Trojans, Andy Fairburn, sees the victory as an inspiration for his team and hopes to continue the year with more wins.

Eleven teams were pitted against each other in the Blind 3-a-sides competition and everyone enjoyed a lively event with the team of Paddy Magill of the INF, and Michael Lamb and Peter Morris from the Stables clinching the win against players Seamy Tallon, Shane Lennon and Neil McCluskey putting them into the lead as they continue in the race to grab the cup with points being tallied for each of the separate events in the competition.

The teams will return to the regularly scheduled league games for the next week and the Vintage team is working hard to try to move ahead of the INF to solidify their position in moving toward the championship. Match ups upcoming include Drumgor vs Stables; Celtics vs Trojans, Eire vs. INF and Clann Eireann vs. The Vintage.

There will also be two more events scheduled that will be dedicated to drawing a crowd to contribute toward the Northern Ireland Cancer for Kids Charity.

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