Choosing a Good Dart Board

If you’re just getting into darts, have been playing for some time or would simply like to add a game of recreation to your family room, consider a dartboard for hours of fun play that is accessible for people of all ages. With a variety available on the market, how do you go about making the perfect selection for your needs? Here are a few options with some details that might help you in your shopping experience. While there are magnetic and electronic boards available, those covered here are simply the classic version, the bristle dartboard.


Accudart Starlite Dartboard

This will remind you of days gone by as it fashioned with dual side options to offer up a variety of games. One side houses the 20 section dartboard that you would expect and on the other side there is a baseball dart game that is easy and fun for the whole family. This board is great for kids, beginners and players who are not serious about the game. It is loosely woven and doesn’t have the durability of many other boards and can always be upgraded if one becomes more engaged in the game. You can grab one of these for a mere $15.
Viper Shot King Bristle Dartboard

This board has the finest weave on the market and will heal well from dart impact, likely better than anything else out there. It boasts a sturdy construction will give it great durability but you may require some assistance in mounting this on your wall. This board comes with 6 steel-tip darts so it’s the total package for hobbyists and it prices in at a very reasonable $30.

Winmau Blade IV

This would satisfy even a professional and will outlast many of the others on the market. With 13.5 inches of target area, it’s made of high quality materials with great detailing like a tight weave sisal cover and slender wire divisions. The sisal has a resilient quality that springs back quickly from dart holes and the slim wires make play easier, allowing for unobtrusive scoring. It’s easy to mount and runs at a price range of about $50.

Nodor Supawire Bristle Dartboard

With ultra thin dividing wires, you can ensure that your darts will not be bouncing off against metal consistently. This board is constructed with sisal fibres, resistant to holding holes from dart impact. The board is easily mountable and adheres to regulation sizing. This is a professional quality product and because the Nodor name is recognized as the standard for quality, you can expect to pay around $60 for this board.
DMI ProTrainer Staple Free Bristle Dartboard

This is a professional grade board – not for the teenagers in the rec room! The board is staple-free with extremely thin wires to avoid bounce offs and is in line with the regulations standards of tournament play. It’s built to assist players in honing their accuracy in throwing because the sections for double and triple scores are slender and challenging. For this level of play, you can expect to pay about $60 for this board.

Dependent on your needs, you’ll easily find any of these boards at most sporting goods or hardware stores and all of them are readily available online. Decide which one will work best for you and let the fun begin!

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