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Great Lake Water Levels

The Great Lakes, one of the world’s largest bodies of fresh water have been in a fifteen year low where waters weren’t rising during the winter season. This has proven to be a problem throughout the years as it harms the surrounding cities with their fresh water. Luckily the Great Lakes have to no longer worry about that issue as the water levels have begun to rise and will continue to do so until roughly the middle of January. Than the mass cold of the winter will cause the new water to freeze over just as it did sixteen plus years ago.


This means that for the first time in more than a decade people of mass majority will truly be able to walk across the Great Lakes, play Hockey on them and various other games without having to worry for their safety. The Great Lakes can freeze up to twenty feet depending on how cold the winter is, this is more than enough safety net for people to walk across the ice and do various other activities on it such as snowmobiling.

Those who wish to perform those activities on Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Erie or any of the other lakes will have to wait at least another month before they can do so. This also means that water levels in the spring and summer will be more than sufficient for the surrounding towns, wild life & marine life in the lakes.

There could be potential changes if there is a mass change in weather patterns. We will keep you updated on any changes if they come in the upcoming weeks.

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Killer Shrimp

You’d never thing that you’d see killer shrimp in the Great Lakes but none the less you do as they are great for catching fish. Fish come from all over the lake to feast on these shrimp only to find out that these are Killer Shrimp & will put up a struggle, their large mouths and sharp claws allows for them to potentially kill the fish depending on its size. This makes it that much easier for the fishermen.

killer shrimp

At the same time these killer shrimp can get off of the lines due to their sharp claws & when they fall to the lake bed they’ll start feasting on various invertebrates. This in return can greatly affect the food chain in Lake Michigan which is what Michigan has already begun to see. This is why Killer Shrimp has officially been banned in Michigan, no one will be able to use these scary looking creatures in order to fish anymore. Anyone found using killer fish will be given a massive fine as these critters can so greatly affect the food chain of Lake Michigan.

These critters originate from Europe but can easily be found as fishermen from Europe bring them over to the states & Canada. There is no word as to how much the fine will be for those who have killer shrimp on their person. We shall keep you informed when more information is revealed by Michigan State Officials, none the less it’s good to see that their taking action towards protecting one of the largest bodies of fresh water on earth.

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Great Lake Levels

The Great Lakes of Canada & the United States of America are the largest source of fresh water that we know of in the world. This isn’t an eco-system that Canada & the USA only rely on but also the entire world for if the great lakes were to disappear then eco-systems all around the world would fall as well slowly. It was revealed this year by the Canadian Great Lakes Association that the water levels for the Great Lakes this year will rise more than we have seen in recent decades.


This means that this could result in flooding for houses that live nearby as the water seeps through the ground and eventually into cracks in basements. This also could mean if the water freezes over we could lose streets that border the lakes or make certain houses un-accessible as well. This higher water level does mean good things for the spring time though as more water in the ground means more healthy wild life to come in the months after Winter.

The Canadian Great Lakes Associated has said that they haven’t predicted water levels to rise this high since 1918. That’s four years away from being a century away. It’ll be interesting to see how these water levels rising effect the eco-systems around us as this has not been seen in most people’s life times living around the great lakes.

We’ll update you on how these higher water levels will affect your local area.

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Algae Bloom

The drinking water in the Great Lakes is a natural resource that is one and very few on our entire planet. This year a massive algae outbreak occurred in Lake Erie, it has gotten to the point where you only see green water and the algae collects together in clumps at the shore. This has massively concerned residents nearby and Canadians overall as these lakes aren’t just natural resources but their landmarks for our country. This is was the Great Lakes Panel is now taking this Algae Outbreak into serious consideration, they’ve openly said that they’re going to make every step and measure possible in order to protect Lake Erie and our other Great Lakes as well.


The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel will be hosting a “Great Lakes Mayor” event which will consist of every mayor in Canada & the USA in order to determine how they can not only fix this problem but prevent it from ever happening again. The drinking water around local areas in Canada and areas in the USA such as Toledo, Ohio have been effected by this Algae Outbreak.

Experts have been saying that it’s very unlikely that an Algae Outbreak would occur in any of the other great lakes. Mr. Emanuel is up for re-election as of right now and he is taking a formidable stance on protecting the great lakes. It could just be a ploy to get re-elected or it could be a genuine concern, we’ll find out if and when he gets re-elected.

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Invasive Species

The fight to keep our great lakes in healthy condition is a constant battle that never ends for our government. Recently an algae break has spread across Lake Erie, Lake Huron and some of our other great lakes. On top of the extreme algae break there has also been a break of foreign species in our waters. Fisherman have begun to use foreign bait which act as invasive species to our great lakes. These invasive species has resulted in fish who normally don’t flow up our steam entering our great lakes. This in return can greatly the natural order of things in the great lakes.


Alongside the help of the Michigan Government, the Canadian Government is finding local fishing stores who might be selling these invasive species as bait. They will be fined, any fishermen caught using these invasive species will also be fined a large amount of money as well. Unfortunately it is very hard to determine where these invasive species were sold and it’s even harder to see the fishermen using them as bait.

One of the Co-Authors and also a molecular ecologist at the Central Michigan Institute of Great Lakes Research spoke about this issue which is occurring in our great lakes as of right now. Andrew Mahon stated the following. “While overall only a small percentage of bait shops had evidence of invasive species, it is nevertheless alarming that at least some invaders are being spread by anglers, the very group of people that value the Great Lakes fishery the most,”

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Environmental Defence Team

The Environmental Organization has officially come up with a four part plan that will stop the algae blooms occurring throughout our Great Lakes. This algae will great effect natural water reserves that could be used if ever needed. The pollution and algae has resulted in the waters being so populated that people can no longer swim in some of the lakes such as Lake Erie.

One of the steps planned to be used to stop pollution in the great lakes is get local farmers to stop using parasites, nutrients and various others way that increase growth of their stock. The government will pay the farmers to do this, this in return will allow for pollution to decrease greatly and allow for the Environment Organization to clean the lakes up.

Great Lakes

“The Great Lakes supply drinking water for millions of people, and are critical to Ontario’s fishing, boating and tourism industries,” said Nancy Goucher, water program manager with Environmental Defence. “Allowing them to be covered in green slime every summer is simply not an option. Our plan is about giving farmers the tools and financial resources they need to help reduce their nutrient runoff in the lake,” said Environmental Defence’s Goucher. “Reducing the amount of phosphorus in the lake will have a huge impact on the size and frequency of algal blooms in the future.”

You can be ensured that come a few years time our Great Lakes will return to the beautiful marvels of nature they are.

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Northwest Ohio

Recently it was revealed that Lake Erie, one of the great lakes that borders Canada and the United States of America is in a state of decay. On the American side of Lake Erie there has been a large amount of algae has been blooming in the shallowest lake of the great lakes. This algae has put in a great amount of toxins, so much toxins that it can sicken people in a matter of hours and kill pets within a day. The reason for this algae’s growth is because the USA doesn’t respect natural environments and they never will, they’ve dumped a mass amount of sludge from a sewage plant on the border of Lake Erie. They’ve been dumping this sludge for more than a decade.


This problem doesn’t just effect Americans but it also effects Canadians located in the area. Eventually the Algae will spread to all points of Lake Erie unless Canada does something about it. There has been rumors that Canada will simply put a large divider in between the lake at the border. This will solve the issue and result in American’s losing a large amount of the fresh water they so desperately crave. Canadians all around the country have expressed their disbelief in this issue and demand that the Canadian Government do something about the destruction of Lake Erie.

The worry is that America won’t take no for an answer and try to claim other great lakes as their own. This has been a theory for more than a decade from scientists all around the world. It is believed that once fresh water runs out for America they will attack their largest ally Canada in order to steal their fresh drinking water. Luckily precautions are being taken already to stop this future issue.

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August 6, 2014 · 5:29 pm

Ontario’s First

There are various kinds of cruises available for the mass public to choose from. You can either take a luxurious cruise across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, you can take a river boat cruise through some of the most gorgeous areas located in the world and for the first time ever you can now take a cruise across the Great Lakes & Georgian Bay. This is the first time that a cruise ship has ever taken sail on the Great Lakes/Georgian Bay.

Pearl Mist

The new cruise ship has been named “The Pearl Mist“. The new vessel is 335 Feet Wide and 56 Feet in Length. The Pearl Mist is now considered to be the largest vessel to ever hit the great lakes. Those who wish to take this luxurious cruise ship around the great lakes & Georgian Bay will have to compete for one of the two hundred rooms available. The rooms range from three hundred to six hundred square feet, giving whoever wishes to go on this cruise plenty of space for their one week adventure. There are six different lounges, a spacious dining room, one pool and incredible five star quality food.

The Pearl Mist disembarks from Northern Manitoulin, the cruise last for a total of one week. Essentially the pearl mist is a river boat cruise transferred over to the great lakes. The last time this cruise ship will set sail for the season is on September 15th, 2014 at 8 A.M. Tickets are still being sold, visit the website to find out more information.

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Thunder Bay Holds The Future

There was a conference held within Thunder Bay which brought mayors from US Cities and Canadian Cities located around the Great Lakes with one another. Each one of these mayors joined with one another to speak about the future of our great lakes. Essentially they spoke about how they can protect the natural eco-system of the lakes while still turning a profit for local business. The Great Lakes are the largest bodies of water known to man with fresh water. The majority of the world is Salt Water and losing the great lakes just simply can’t be an option.

Thunder Bay

In order to protect the great lakes these mayors have decided that they will put in place new laws within their cities that requires vehicles be parked away from the lakes a minimum two thousand meters away. This way the pollution of gasoline wouldn’t be so direct to the ocean. A new law which will be put in place towards the end of the summer will require food businesses be at least a half a mile away from the lakes, this way people will have to more than likely throw out their garbage on the way back. This in return would mean less garbage being dumped into our great lakes.

Though it might not be much for now it is a start, the conference will last three days in which many new laws and changes can be made effective. We will keep you updated on any new information released on the Thunder Bay Conference.

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The Great Lakes Are Ice Free

Every year Canada goes through four different seasons that are all beautiful in their own way. First winter, then spring, summer and then the fall. As the process repeats the weather around us and our surrounding change in front of our eyes. One of the lovely things about Summer is that we get to see all of the flowers bloom, our lakes melt away and our beaches become filled with warmth due to the sun. Today the Weather Network reported that all of the ice in each one of the great lakes have finally melted. This is the longest time that it has taken for the ice to melt since 1970, showing that temperatures in Canada are cooling with each passing year.

The Great Lakes

On the positive side of things this means that Canadians can finally return to the beach for the next few months. Canadians only get three to four months of beach weather a year so when it comes around the beaches are filled with children, adults and teenagers all enjoying themselves. It is truly the time period where Canadians become alive and embrace their country for its natural beauty.

Dayna Vettese, a Meteorologist for the Weather Network said the following during her broadcast: “Canadians get ready to bring out your swim trunks and towels as all of the ice in the great lakes have finally melted and temperatures within the waters are starting to rise. Come a week’s time we will be able to return to our beaches.”

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