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PDC Championship Fans Dress Up!

The World Darts Championship, more commonly known as “The PDC Championship” is sponsored by William Hill, one of the largest casino operators in the United Kingdom. Today William Hill revealed with pleasure that the 2016 championships went off perfectly in London, England’s famous hotel “Alexandra Palace”. The hype for this year’s championships were lived up to thoroughly, almost every attendee went into the event with an open mind. Thousands dressed up in various costumes, partook in drinking and enjoyed watching their favourite dart players play the game.

The PDC Championship1

Some of the most notable costumes that were seen this year included Ronald McDonald, Superman, Batman, the Flash, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Dr. Who and so many others. Apparently the crowd was active in participating in the event, calling out names and cheering on their favourite players. William Hill went as far as to say that this year was by far the best year yet for PDC.

Luckily the authorities were also happy to report that no crimes were reported during the event, that the crowd remained at a calm level were no one was harmed or offended. It allowed for the championship to run smoothly.

The 2016 PDC Champions have ended for the year; they’ll return next January in 2017 for all to enjoy. You can be ensured that William Hill will do everything in their power to ensure that next year events top off this year. If that were to even be possible then these championships would become embodied in legend throughout London, England.

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Great Lakes Warming Faster Then Oceans

The Great Lakes, the largest bodies of fresh water on the world, so large that their visible from space are warming at an alarming rate. These massive bodies of water are warming at double the rate that our oceans are, this is horrendous as it could mean that in upcoming years due to the rise in temperature for the great lakes that wildlife will die off & water levels will lower.

The Great Lakes

Native species to the great lakes are at incredible risk and the chances of invasive species entering the lakes is becoming far greater. This is raising fears of widespread algae which in turn can cause for death across cities located around the great lakes as the algae would pollute their water. This isn’t the only issue that the great lakes face. It also faces solar radiation, an increase in solar radiation has also helped increase the temperatures of our great lakes. The ice is melting faster then it normally would, due to this there is longer time periods of open water which in turn allows for the waters to warm faster.

Most Canadians & Americans bordering the great lakes are unaware as to how the rising climate it going to effect their regions. Canada rises four degrees in temperature every year & due to this it’s causing for drastic effects throughout the country. Southern Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and many other places around Canada are having increased temperatures. Luckily in Paris this year, Government officials throughout the world agreed to a new climate plan which seeks to see the world increase in temperature by 1.5 Degree’s Celsius.

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Great Lake Regions See Wolf Population Rise

The Great Lakes, one of the most natural and largest protected habitats on the planet has been resurrected in terms of its wolf population. Today the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services were pleased to announce that they’ve removed the gray wolf from the endangered list within the Western Great Lakes region. It appears that twenty six wildlife scientists have confirmed that this announcement is true and that the wolf popular in this area has risen to 3,700.

Gray Wolf

The Gray Wolf nearly disappeared from existence last century in more than forty eight states. Throughout various areas in the United States of America as well as Canada, these wolves have been able to regain control of their land. The combined population of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan is now 3,700 for the Gray Wolves.

Many animal advocacy groups have used the means of lawsuits, letters and threats in order to block governments from their attempts at dropping the Gray Wolves in the Great Lakes region as an endangered species. They contest that these animals still remain endangered but specialists say that these groups are simply wrong, that if these wolves aren’t taken of the endangered list than there is the potential that they’ll over populate. Specialists have stated that now wildlife enforcement just need to ensure that this number remains around the same as 3,700 wolves is a perfect number for this region.

Though these Animal Rights Groups will continue to pursue, their ignorance towards their love of animals can sometimes be in the better of them but it can also be harmful to these creatures as well.

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Great Lakes Protection Act Passed in Ontario

The Great Lakes are one of the world’s most astonishing habitats and because of this it’s often a concern of those whom live around these great lakes. Recently the largest concern was over the fact that these lakes are quickly becoming no longer safe for people to swim in or fish. Luckily the province of Ontario has passed in the “Great Lakes Protection Act” which will see the province strengthen their abilities at keeping the great lakes which border their province clean. The Saint Lawrence River will also be a part of this of this new environmental act.

The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change

Passing this act will mean that the great lakes in the upcoming two years will once again become as clean as they once were, making swimming and fishing once again enjoyable for all those whom enjoy those activities. The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change in Canada will run this new act, they’ll use a variety of natural substances and various machines in order to purify the great lakes. There’ll also be monitoring programs placed to ensure that the bacteria activity in the lakes are low and to ensure that unknown fish from the ocean make their ways into these lakes.

Protecting the great lakes just isn’t something that should be done for today’s swimmers, boaters and fishers. It should be done for future generations whom wish to enjoy the beauty of these incredible lakes. They also act as the largest source of fresh water in the world, having that water poisoned could result in serious troubles for the citizens of Canada. Luckily though this protection act is now active.

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Great Lakes LegoLand Add New Attraction

The Great Lakes are an astonishing sight to see, it’s as if you’re looking across an ocean. They can be seen from space but if you’re on the ground like the most of us then a new attraction is available at the Great Lake of Michigan. The LegoLand Discovery Center Michigan, located at the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets has revealed that their dumping fifty thousand Lego Bricks for children to enjoy.

Great Lakes LegoLand

Though LegoLand Michigan has fully opened as of right now, it’s clear they want the children to have as much as they can as soon as possible. LegoLand hopes that these children will design various things that resemble the Great Lakes, nature or all around positivity. When LegoLand Michigan is completed it’ll stand as a 32,000 square foot indoor attraction. There’ll be more than one million Lego bricks for children to play with, there’ll also be a 4D Movie Theatre, interactive rides, soft play areas and a small video game area as well.

This new indoor attraction will be a positive aspect for the Great Lake of Michigan. It’ll have far more tourists come to the area in order to experience LegoLand, along the way the majority will stop off to see the beauty of Lake Michigan during summer, fall, winter or spring. In return this could cause more awareness about certain issues revolving around the great lakes. Hopefully LegoLand Michigan is able to accomplish their goals of helping the local children have fun and spread more awareness about the great lakes.

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Great Lakes Will Become New Oil Fields

The Great Lakes are going to become the new oil fields and for Canadians this is posing a major issue, a major issue which they cannot stop from coming to their doorstep. California, Texas and other places around the world are without much water & as more areas within the United States of America continue to become barren wastelands the U.S. will look towards its northern brother Canada.


This could mean for a potential new war which is believed to not be a theory but believed to be something that is insured to come within the upcoming decades. On top of that the great lakes are polluted via large manufacturing companies & the factories they own, our cars release emissions which heat up the atmosphere and thus by cause for water to be dispersed into steam. This has caused for the lakes to go down and for the water for become polluted. This means that even if war doesn’t arrive at the borders of these lakes then Canada has the major task of reversing the issues they’ve created. Unfortunately Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada doesn’t oppose destroying natural resources for money. This is why so many people are considering the Great Lakes as the next major oil fields, fields that’ll be dried to absolutely nothing because industries have no shame in destroying the world and neither do politicians.

The only hope is that a revolution occurs, that Northern America makes a change and that the world can become a healthy place to live once again.

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$14 Million Granted to Great Lake Restoration

The Great Lakes located within North America are truly a sight to see, when looking across it from a mountain it’s as if you’re looking at a vast ocean. These are also the largest bodies of natural water in the world, they can be seen from space and because of this the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has granted $14 million in order to restore the great lakes which border the United States of America.

Great Lake Restoration

This money is being used for a variety of different things. The main source of this money will be used towards cleaning the lakes of any toxins which might be in them. The rest of the money will be used in order to clean up the beaches, make new bike lanes and walking lanes. This could mean that some new beauty will be able to be found for the mass people once these projects are completed. Luckily all those working on this great lake restoration will be working through government based companies, meaning that all money being spent will be at a premium low which ensures that more than enough will be done to protect the great lakes.

There is no word as to when these projects are set to be finished. They’ll most likely be completed before the beginning of next summer or spring, allowing for tourists and citizens to gain the most out of one of the world’s most beautiful sights. Those companies working alongside the government who also wish to be a part of this project have until September 28th, 2015 to make their claim.

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Chemical Issue in Great Lakes Escalate

The Great Lakes are the largest bodies of fresh water in the world and are considered to be a marvel of nature. Unfortunately human kind has begun to destroy these massive bodies of fresh water through chemicals. As of right now a variety of different environmentalist groups have identified over five hundred chemicals in the great lakes with four more chemicals being added with each year. Analysts have stated that it’ll take a century to reverse the process.


As of right now there is two dozen committee’s from both Canada and the United States of America that are approaching the Great Lakes Executive Committee with hundreds of letters demanding that something be done urgently about this issue. The great lakes executive committee has done nothing with their power to reverse this process since they were created back in 2012. Canada is hardly to blame for this issue as out of the five hundred odd chemicals that have been seen in the great lakes, only several of them are used by the Canadian Government. It seems that it is only the Canadian Government that is willing to resolve this issue as well as the government has introduced management plans, seven of them which will all help clean up these national treasures.

As for the United States of America, they have not made any commitments to stop polluting these great lakes with chemicals. Surely the Canadian government will act on their own accord to stop the USA from doing the five great lakes of Northern America.

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Lake Michigan Ship Wreck Found

Over one hundred years ago the great civil war took place which saw the creation & union of the United States of America. During this historic war many ships were taken by Lake Michigan as her waters are known for being the most intense out of all the lakes. One of those ships have been found by two divers who were looking for gold & the ship they found was the holy grail, the Le Griffon.

Lake Michigan

The Le Griffon is famous for being one of the most powerful ships during the civil war and it is also famous for holding all of the confederate gold. Unfortunately Frederick Monroe and Kevin Dykstra weren’t able to find the gold on the ship before their oxygen supply ran out. Now that this ship wreck has been marked on the map a team of divers include Mr. Monroe and Mr. Dykstra will be searching the local area around the ship & the ship itself in order to find any of the remains of the confederate gold. This could prove to make everyone on the team multi-millionaires as gold this old has a very high value on the market.

This is a major accomplishment for both of these divers as they’ve spent the last four years searching this lake, researching the vessel and finding clues as to where it might be. This gold could be far off from the ship though and lying around in different parts of the lake as it is commonly known that back in the 1800’s trunks would be thrown off these boats in order to lighten the load during horrific storms.

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US Coast Guard Helping Canadian Ships

The United States Coast Guard has been shipped off with new vessels designed to break ice to the various great lakes located in both the USA & Canada. The reason for their assistance is because the Great Lakes act as a form of easy travel and shipping between the two countries but this year has seen larger ice formations than normal. Ships which normally could pass through the thin barrier of ice on the lakes can no longer do so which is why the US Coast Guard has shipped a certain kind of vessel.

US Coast Gaurd

These new vessels are incredibly powerful tug boats which are also designed to break dense ice at a normal pace. Whichever ship these new vessels are assisting will be right behind these new tug boats following along until they arrive at their destination. These coast guard ships also are carrying weapons as not often but sometimes when the ice is to thick & ships get stuck, people will race across the ice and rob whatever goods they can. This is a rare occurrence to say the least but none the less with the precious cargo being shipped between two borders it is a precaution that is needed.

The US Coast Guard & these vessels behind them have begun to take different maritime lanes as well, This is because these new lanes have less ice blockage and aren’t known by many people. These lanes have still been kept a secret to the mass public.

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