PDC Championship Fans Dress Up!

The World Darts Championship, more commonly known as “The PDC Championship” is sponsored by William Hill, one of the largest casino operators in the United Kingdom. Today William Hill revealed with pleasure that the 2016 championships went off perfectly in London, England’s famous hotel “Alexandra Palace”. The hype for this year’s championships were lived up to thoroughly, almost every attendee went into the event with an open mind. Thousands dressed up in various costumes, partook in drinking and enjoyed watching their favourite dart players play the game.

The PDC Championship1

Some of the most notable costumes that were seen this year included Ronald McDonald, Superman, Batman, the Flash, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Dr. Who and so many others. Apparently the crowd was active in participating in the event, calling out names and cheering on their favourite players. William Hill went as far as to say that this year was by far the best year yet for PDC.

Luckily the authorities were also happy to report that no crimes were reported during the event, that the crowd remained at a calm level were no one was harmed or offended. It allowed for the championship to run smoothly.

The 2016 PDC Champions have ended for the year; they’ll return next January in 2017 for all to enjoy. You can be ensured that William Hill will do everything in their power to ensure that next year events top off this year. If that were to even be possible then these championships would become embodied in legend throughout London, England.

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