Great Lakes Warming Faster Then Oceans

The Great Lakes, the largest bodies of fresh water on the world, so large that their visible from space are warming at an alarming rate. These massive bodies of water are warming at double the rate that our oceans are, this is horrendous as it could mean that in upcoming years due to the rise in temperature for the great lakes that wildlife will die off & water levels will lower.

The Great Lakes

Native species to the great lakes are at incredible risk and the chances of invasive species entering the lakes is becoming far greater. This is raising fears of widespread algae which in turn can cause for death across cities located around the great lakes as the algae would pollute their water. This isn’t the only issue that the great lakes face. It also faces solar radiation, an increase in solar radiation has also helped increase the temperatures of our great lakes. The ice is melting faster then it normally would, due to this there is longer time periods of open water which in turn allows for the waters to warm faster.

Most Canadians & Americans bordering the great lakes are unaware as to how the rising climate it going to effect their regions. Canada rises four degrees in temperature every year & due to this it’s causing for drastic effects throughout the country. Southern Ontario, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and many other places around Canada are having increased temperatures. Luckily in Paris this year, Government officials throughout the world agreed to a new climate plan which seeks to see the world increase in temperature by 1.5 Degree’s Celsius.

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