Great Lake Regions See Wolf Population Rise

The Great Lakes, one of the most natural and largest protected habitats on the planet has been resurrected in terms of its wolf population. Today the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services were pleased to announce that they’ve removed the gray wolf from the endangered list within the Western Great Lakes region. It appears that twenty six wildlife scientists have confirmed that this announcement is true and that the wolf popular in this area has risen to 3,700.

Gray Wolf

The Gray Wolf nearly disappeared from existence last century in more than forty eight states. Throughout various areas in the United States of America as well as Canada, these wolves have been able to regain control of their land. The combined population of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan is now 3,700 for the Gray Wolves.

Many animal advocacy groups have used the means of lawsuits, letters and threats in order to block governments from their attempts at dropping the Gray Wolves in the Great Lakes region as an endangered species. They contest that these animals still remain endangered but specialists say that these groups are simply wrong, that if these wolves aren’t taken of the endangered list than there is the potential that they’ll over populate. Specialists have stated that now wildlife enforcement just need to ensure that this number remains around the same as 3,700 wolves is a perfect number for this region.

Though these Animal Rights Groups will continue to pursue, their ignorance towards their love of animals can sometimes be in the better of them but it can also be harmful to these creatures as well.

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