Great Lakes Protection Act Passed in Ontario

The Great Lakes are one of the world’s most astonishing habitats and because of this it’s often a concern of those whom live around these great lakes. Recently the largest concern was over the fact that these lakes are quickly becoming no longer safe for people to swim in or fish. Luckily the province of Ontario has passed in the “Great Lakes Protection Act” which will see the province strengthen their abilities at keeping the great lakes which border their province clean. The Saint Lawrence River will also be a part of this of this new environmental act.

The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change

Passing this act will mean that the great lakes in the upcoming two years will once again become as clean as they once were, making swimming and fishing once again enjoyable for all those whom enjoy those activities. The Ministry of Environment & Climate Change in Canada will run this new act, they’ll use a variety of natural substances and various machines in order to purify the great lakes. There’ll also be monitoring programs placed to ensure that the bacteria activity in the lakes are low and to ensure that unknown fish from the ocean make their ways into these lakes.

Protecting the great lakes just isn’t something that should be done for today’s swimmers, boaters and fishers. It should be done for future generations whom wish to enjoy the beauty of these incredible lakes. They also act as the largest source of fresh water in the world, having that water poisoned could result in serious troubles for the citizens of Canada. Luckily though this protection act is now active.

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