Great Lakes LegoLand Add New Attraction

The Great Lakes are an astonishing sight to see, it’s as if you’re looking across an ocean. They can be seen from space but if you’re on the ground like the most of us then a new attraction is available at the Great Lake of Michigan. The LegoLand Discovery Center Michigan, located at the Great Lakes Crossing Outlets has revealed that their dumping fifty thousand Lego Bricks for children to enjoy.

Great Lakes LegoLand

Though LegoLand Michigan has fully opened as of right now, it’s clear they want the children to have as much as they can as soon as possible. LegoLand hopes that these children will design various things that resemble the Great Lakes, nature or all around positivity. When LegoLand Michigan is completed it’ll stand as a 32,000 square foot indoor attraction. There’ll be more than one million Lego bricks for children to play with, there’ll also be a 4D Movie Theatre, interactive rides, soft play areas and a small video game area as well.

This new indoor attraction will be a positive aspect for the Great Lake of Michigan. It’ll have far more tourists come to the area in order to experience LegoLand, along the way the majority will stop off to see the beauty of Lake Michigan during summer, fall, winter or spring. In return this could cause more awareness about certain issues revolving around the great lakes. Hopefully LegoLand Michigan is able to accomplish their goals of helping the local children have fun and spread more awareness about the great lakes.

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