Great Lakes Will Become New Oil Fields

The Great Lakes are going to become the new oil fields and for Canadians this is posing a major issue, a major issue which they cannot stop from coming to their doorstep. California, Texas and other places around the world are without much water & as more areas within the United States of America continue to become barren wastelands the U.S. will look towards its northern brother Canada.


This could mean for a potential new war which is believed to not be a theory but believed to be something that is insured to come within the upcoming decades. On top of that the great lakes are polluted via large manufacturing companies & the factories they own, our cars release emissions which heat up the atmosphere and thus by cause for water to be dispersed into steam. This has caused for the lakes to go down and for the water for become polluted. This means that even if war doesn’t arrive at the borders of these lakes then Canada has the major task of reversing the issues they’ve created. Unfortunately Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada doesn’t oppose destroying natural resources for money. This is why so many people are considering the Great Lakes as the next major oil fields, fields that’ll be dried to absolutely nothing because industries have no shame in destroying the world and neither do politicians.

The only hope is that a revolution occurs, that Northern America makes a change and that the world can become a healthy place to live once again.

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