Chemical Issue in Great Lakes Escalate

The Great Lakes are the largest bodies of fresh water in the world and are considered to be a marvel of nature. Unfortunately human kind has begun to destroy these massive bodies of fresh water through chemicals. As of right now a variety of different environmentalist groups have identified over five hundred chemicals in the great lakes with four more chemicals being added with each year. Analysts have stated that it’ll take a century to reverse the process.


As of right now there is two dozen committee’s from both Canada and the United States of America that are approaching the Great Lakes Executive Committee with hundreds of letters demanding that something be done urgently about this issue. The great lakes executive committee has done nothing with their power to reverse this process since they were created back in 2012. Canada is hardly to blame for this issue as out of the five hundred odd chemicals that have been seen in the great lakes, only several of them are used by the Canadian Government. It seems that it is only the Canadian Government that is willing to resolve this issue as well as the government has introduced management plans, seven of them which will all help clean up these national treasures.

As for the United States of America, they have not made any commitments to stop polluting these great lakes with chemicals. Surely the Canadian government will act on their own accord to stop the USA from doing the five great lakes of Northern America.

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