Lake Michigan Ship Wreck Found

Over one hundred years ago the great civil war took place which saw the creation & union of the United States of America. During this historic war many ships were taken by Lake Michigan as her waters are known for being the most intense out of all the lakes. One of those ships have been found by two divers who were looking for gold & the ship they found was the holy grail, the Le Griffon.

Lake Michigan

The Le Griffon is famous for being one of the most powerful ships during the civil war and it is also famous for holding all of the confederate gold. Unfortunately Frederick Monroe and Kevin Dykstra weren’t able to find the gold on the ship before their oxygen supply ran out. Now that this ship wreck has been marked on the map a team of divers include Mr. Monroe and Mr. Dykstra will be searching the local area around the ship & the ship itself in order to find any of the remains of the confederate gold. This could prove to make everyone on the team multi-millionaires as gold this old has a very high value on the market.

This is a major accomplishment for both of these divers as they’ve spent the last four years searching this lake, researching the vessel and finding clues as to where it might be. This gold could be far off from the ship though and lying around in different parts of the lake as it is commonly known that back in the 1800’s trunks would be thrown off these boats in order to lighten the load during horrific storms.

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