US Coast Guard Helping Canadian Ships

The United States Coast Guard has been shipped off with new vessels designed to break ice to the various great lakes located in both the USA & Canada. The reason for their assistance is because the Great Lakes act as a form of easy travel and shipping between the two countries but this year has seen larger ice formations than normal. Ships which normally could pass through the thin barrier of ice on the lakes can no longer do so which is why the US Coast Guard has shipped a certain kind of vessel.

US Coast Gaurd

These new vessels are incredibly powerful tug boats which are also designed to break dense ice at a normal pace. Whichever ship these new vessels are assisting will be right behind these new tug boats following along until they arrive at their destination. These coast guard ships also are carrying weapons as not often but sometimes when the ice is to thick & ships get stuck, people will race across the ice and rob whatever goods they can. This is a rare occurrence to say the least but none the less with the precious cargo being shipped between two borders it is a precaution that is needed.

The US Coast Guard & these vessels behind them have begun to take different maritime lanes as well, This is because these new lanes have less ice blockage and aren’t known by many people. These lanes have still been kept a secret to the mass public.

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