Great Lake Water Levels

The Great Lakes, one of the world’s largest bodies of fresh water have been in a fifteen year low where waters weren’t rising during the winter season. This has proven to be a problem throughout the years as it harms the surrounding cities with their fresh water. Luckily the Great Lakes have to no longer worry about that issue as the water levels have begun to rise and will continue to do so until roughly the middle of January. Than the mass cold of the winter will cause the new water to freeze over just as it did sixteen plus years ago.


This means that for the first time in more than a decade people of mass majority will truly be able to walk across the Great Lakes, play Hockey on them and various other games without having to worry for their safety. The Great Lakes can freeze up to twenty feet depending on how cold the winter is, this is more than enough safety net for people to walk across the ice and do various other activities on it such as snowmobiling.

Those who wish to perform those activities on Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Erie or any of the other lakes will have to wait at least another month before they can do so. This also means that water levels in the spring and summer will be more than sufficient for the surrounding towns, wild life & marine life in the lakes.

There could be potential changes if there is a mass change in weather patterns. We will keep you updated on any changes if they come in the upcoming weeks.

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