Killer Shrimp

You’d never thing that you’d see killer shrimp in the Great Lakes but none the less you do as they are great for catching fish. Fish come from all over the lake to feast on these shrimp only to find out that these are Killer Shrimp & will put up a struggle, their large mouths and sharp claws allows for them to potentially kill the fish depending on its size. This makes it that much easier for the fishermen.

killer shrimp

At the same time these killer shrimp can get off of the lines due to their sharp claws & when they fall to the lake bed they’ll start feasting on various invertebrates. This in return can greatly affect the food chain in Lake Michigan which is what Michigan has already begun to see. This is why Killer Shrimp has officially been banned in Michigan, no one will be able to use these scary looking creatures in order to fish anymore. Anyone found using killer fish will be given a massive fine as these critters can so greatly affect the food chain of Lake Michigan.

These critters originate from Europe but can easily be found as fishermen from Europe bring them over to the states & Canada. There is no word as to how much the fine will be for those who have killer shrimp on their person. We shall keep you informed when more information is revealed by Michigan State Officials, none the less it’s good to see that their taking action towards protecting one of the largest bodies of fresh water on earth.

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