Great Lake Levels

The Great Lakes of Canada & the United States of America are the largest source of fresh water that we know of in the world. This isn’t an eco-system that Canada & the USA only rely on but also the entire world for if the great lakes were to disappear then eco-systems all around the world would fall as well slowly. It was revealed this year by the Canadian Great Lakes Association that the water levels for the Great Lakes this year will rise more than we have seen in recent decades.


This means that this could result in flooding for houses that live nearby as the water seeps through the ground and eventually into cracks in basements. This also could mean if the water freezes over we could lose streets that border the lakes or make certain houses un-accessible as well. This higher water level does mean good things for the spring time though as more water in the ground means more healthy wild life to come in the months after Winter.

The Canadian Great Lakes Associated has said that they haven’t predicted water levels to rise this high since 1918. That’s four years away from being a century away. It’ll be interesting to see how these water levels rising effect the eco-systems around us as this has not been seen in most people’s life times living around the great lakes.

We’ll update you on how these higher water levels will affect your local area.

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