Algae Bloom

The drinking water in the Great Lakes is a natural resource that is one and very few on our entire planet. This year a massive algae outbreak occurred in Lake Erie, it has gotten to the point where you only see green water and the algae collects together in clumps at the shore. This has massively concerned residents nearby and Canadians overall as these lakes aren’t just natural resources but their landmarks for our country. This is was the Great Lakes Panel is now taking this Algae Outbreak into serious consideration, they’ve openly said that they’re going to make every step and measure possible in order to protect Lake Erie and our other Great Lakes as well.


The Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel will be hosting a “Great Lakes Mayor” event which will consist of every mayor in Canada & the USA in order to determine how they can not only fix this problem but prevent it from ever happening again. The drinking water around local areas in Canada and areas in the USA such as Toledo, Ohio have been effected by this Algae Outbreak.

Experts have been saying that it’s very unlikely that an Algae Outbreak would occur in any of the other great lakes. Mr. Emanuel is up for re-election as of right now and he is taking a formidable stance on protecting the great lakes. It could just be a ploy to get re-elected or it could be a genuine concern, we’ll find out if and when he gets re-elected.

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