Invasive Species

The fight to keep our great lakes in healthy condition is a constant battle that never ends for our government. Recently an algae break has spread across Lake Erie, Lake Huron and some of our other great lakes. On top of the extreme algae break there has also been a break of foreign species in our waters. Fisherman have begun to use foreign bait which act as invasive species to our great lakes. These invasive species has resulted in fish who normally don’t flow up our steam entering our great lakes. This in return can greatly the natural order of things in the great lakes.


Alongside the help of the Michigan Government, the Canadian Government is finding local fishing stores who might be selling these invasive species as bait. They will be fined, any fishermen caught using these invasive species will also be fined a large amount of money as well. Unfortunately it is very hard to determine where these invasive species were sold and it’s even harder to see the fishermen using them as bait.

One of the Co-Authors and also a molecular ecologist at the Central Michigan Institute of Great Lakes Research spoke about this issue which is occurring in our great lakes as of right now. Andrew Mahon stated the following. “While overall only a small percentage of bait shops had evidence of invasive species, it is nevertheless alarming that at least some invaders are being spread by anglers, the very group of people that value the Great Lakes fishery the most,”

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