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The Environmental Organization has officially come up with a four part plan that will stop the algae blooms occurring throughout our Great Lakes. This algae will great effect natural water reserves that could be used if ever needed. The pollution and algae has resulted in the waters being so populated that people can no longer swim in some of the lakes such as Lake Erie.

One of the steps planned to be used to stop pollution in the great lakes is get local farmers to stop using parasites, nutrients and various others way that increase growth of their stock. The government will pay the farmers to do this, this in return will allow for pollution to decrease greatly and allow for the Environment Organization to clean the lakes up.

Great Lakes

“The Great Lakes supply drinking water for millions of people, and are critical to Ontario’s fishing, boating and tourism industries,” said Nancy Goucher, water program manager with Environmental Defence. “Allowing them to be covered in green slime every summer is simply not an option. Our plan is about giving farmers the tools and financial resources they need to help reduce their nutrient runoff in the lake,” said Environmental Defence’s Goucher. “Reducing the amount of phosphorus in the lake will have a huge impact on the size and frequency of algal blooms in the future.”

You can be ensured that come a few years time our Great Lakes will return to the beautiful marvels of nature they are.

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