Thunder Bay Holds The Future

There was a conference held within Thunder Bay which brought mayors from US Cities and Canadian Cities located around the Great Lakes with one another. Each one of these mayors joined with one another to speak about the future of our great lakes. Essentially they spoke about how they can protect the natural eco-system of the lakes while still turning a profit for local business. The Great Lakes are the largest bodies of water known to man with fresh water. The majority of the world is Salt Water and losing the great lakes just simply can’t be an option.

Thunder Bay

In order to protect the great lakes these mayors have decided that they will put in place new laws within their cities that requires vehicles be parked away from the lakes a minimum two thousand meters away. This way the pollution of gasoline wouldn’t be so direct to the ocean. A new law which will be put in place towards the end of the summer will require food businesses be at least a half a mile away from the lakes, this way people will have to more than likely throw out their garbage on the way back. This in return would mean less garbage being dumped into our great lakes.

Though it might not be much for now it is a start, the conference will last three days in which many new laws and changes can be made effective. We will keep you updated on any new information released on the Thunder Bay Conference.

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