The Great Lakes Are Ice Free

Every year Canada goes through four different seasons that are all beautiful in their own way. First winter, then spring, summer and then the fall. As the process repeats the weather around us and our surrounding change in front of our eyes. One of the lovely things about Summer is that we get to see all of the flowers bloom, our lakes melt away and our beaches become filled with warmth due to the sun. Today the Weather Network reported that all of the ice in each one of the great lakes have finally melted. This is the longest time that it has taken for the ice to melt since 1970, showing that temperatures in Canada are cooling with each passing year.

The Great Lakes

On the positive side of things this means that Canadians can finally return to the beach for the next few months. Canadians only get three to four months of beach weather a year so when it comes around the beaches are filled with children, adults and teenagers all enjoying themselves. It is truly the time period where Canadians become alive and embrace their country for its natural beauty.

Dayna Vettese, a Meteorologist for the Weather Network said the following during her broadcast: “Canadians get ready to bring out your swim trunks and towels as all of the ice in the great lakes have finally melted and temperatures within the waters are starting to rise. Come a week’s time we will be able to return to our beaches.”

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