Playstation 4 Outsells Xbox One

Sony was proud to announce today that for a fourth straight month in a row the Playstation 4 has been able to outsell the Xbox One. This is an incredible feat for Sony as last generation Microsoft was able to dominate the console space with the Xbox 360. The 360 still has outsold more copies than the Playstation 3 and it’s doubtful that the PS3 will outsell the 360 in its last few years.

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Sony revealed this information at a press conference in New York City saying, “We are pleased to announce that for four straight months in a row the Playstation 4 has been able to outsell the Xbox One. We owe this all to the developers who have been hard at work the last couple of years creating games for when we first launched the Playstation 4 back in November. We hope that we continue to rise in sales and become the dominating force in the next generation console market.”

Sony does have some troubles ahead of them though as the Xbox One just had a price drop down to $400, the catch is that this Xbox One doesn’t come with connect. Games such as Titanfall have been sought after by last generation gamers and PS4 Gamers. The price drop will allow for more people to purchase the console alongside the game which could result in Sony losing a mass amount of space in the console wars. We suspect that Sony will also price drop their new console if they begin to lose sales.”

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