Lucky Player Wins $530,038

Earlier on this week one player was able to have an incredible start to their week as they won $530,037. The punter who triggered this jackpot was spinning the reels on Everybody’s Jackpot, a well known video slot famous for its progressive jackpots.

There has yet to be many details regarding where this jackpot was won or how it was triggered. We do know that this jackpot was trigger nearly two weeks after the last progressive jackpot was won. This punter also won more than the average amount as Everybody’s Jackpot will normally pay out $401,220. It’s only been two weeks since this jackpot was last triggered, proving that this video slot is still rising in popularity. This is thanks to the mass amount of progressive jackpots won on a yearly basis.
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This grateful punter who has asked to remain anonymous due to the amount of his win did make a statement to the media saying, “I’m absolutely shocked that I triggered this jackpot. I don’t even know what to say or know what I’m going to do with all of this money. I know my wife will want to put the majority of the money into a college fund for our children. I suspect that I will do that and purchase each one of us a special gift or two. Personally I want to go on a vacation around the world, I’ve always wanted to travel but have never had the opportunity. Now that I can, you can bet I will.”

Anyone who wants to experience Everybody’s Jackpot will have to do so at an online casino that supports the Playtech Software.

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