Playstation 4 Virtual Reality Headset Confirmed

Two years ago at the 2012 E3 Gaming Conference, a company called Oculus unveiled their main product “The Oculus Rift”. The Oculus Rift stands as a virtual reality headset that at first was meant for gaming but has now been purchased by Facebook for a teaching tool. Those gamers who were looking forward to the final version of the Oculus Rift can still be excited for Virtual Reality as Sony has announced that their developing their own virtual reality headset.


Shawn Layden, the CEO behind Playstation and Sony Computer Entertainment America made a statement regarding the future of Virtual Reality on the PS4. The statement read as follows, “Today marks a new beginning for Playstation and Sony. We would like to announce that we’re working alongside key developers connected to the Oculus Rift project in order to bring you our own virtual reality headset. Every game released after the headset is on the market will be designed to interact with the headset, giving players the chance to truly experience virtual reality on a mass scale.”

Sony hasn’t unveiled the virtual reality headset as of right now. We do know that the company will be appearing at the E3 Gaming Conference in Los Angela’s but we don’t know if Sony will be giving any more information regarding the headset. We suspect that there will be whispers and rumors regarding the headset at E3 but that the actual headset would be unveiled until the 2015 E3 Gaming Confernece.

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