Leprechaun Luck Jackpot Triggered At William Hill

A bride to be at the age of 29 landed on a huge £238,166 this week. This lucky girl was playing Leprechaun Luck at the William Hill Casino. The lucky winners name is Olesia Kuzmychova, a resident of Newmarket Suffolk. She was bored one day and had the itch to play her favorite slot machine. Minutes after getting on Leprechaun’s Luck she landed on the jackpot.

Newmarket Suffolk

Miss. Kuzmychova commented on her big win saying, “I was screaming, shouting and jumping in the air with joy. This has forever changed my life, every day you wake up in the morning wishing you could wish the lottery and one day it happens. I wake up in the morning and think this is all a dream. I am going to be able to visit my mother in Kiev, something I haven’t been able to do in years. It’ll be amazing being able to have Christmas with my mother again, she was just crying today at the thought of it and the thought of knowing that this money will change my life for the better of me.”

Olesia continued saying, “After Christmas I would like to go somewhere that is hot and has beautiful beaches. I’ve dreamed on going on a holiday like that for years”. The last thing that Miss. Kuzmychova has to mention was that she’d spend some of her money to fund her future wedding with former horse jockey William Rovetti.

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