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The historic international game of darts has long been a favourite for both pro and leisure players in countries worldwide with a particularly strong following in the United Kingdome, Scandinavian countries and in North America. Whether players have an appetite for competition and a desire to grow into the top ranks or simply enjoy passing an evening alongside of mates at the local pub, the popularity of darts has not waned for many centuries.


Classically known as a standardized skills game where players fire the pointed missiles in attempt to score points on a target, the game has a variety of interpretations based on skills levels, regions and degree of seriousness to which it is played.

The primary game consists of two players each taking turns to launch three darts at the board in an effort to decrease the score from a fixed starting point, generally 501, to nothing in order to win the game of “check out”. Though rules may vary, most often players must hit a double segment to begin to reduce the score, a practice that is called “doubling in”. This also holds true for winning a game as the final dart must either hit the centre spot or the “bullseye” or a double score segment of the board to end the round. Should the player land a dart to move the score to the desired goal of zero or beyond without striking either the bullseye or double segment, this is known as “going bust” and does not determine a win. Rather, the player then forfeits that turn with no change in score and the play continues.

Different regions often have variations on the game or the rules such as “Round the Clock” or “Cricket” that take an alternate approach to scoring while maintaining the basic practice of throwing the darts. Depending on where you travel, you’ll always find one version or another that is a product of the local culture.

With a great variety of regional groups and associations focused on this competitive sport, enthusiasts will find that not only can they enjoy the challenge of building their skills around the game but they can also take advantage of the social dynamic and the basis of fun that embodies the contest. Isn’t that the primary reason to take up any hobby?

Darts is wonderful avenue by which to kick back at the end of the day to relieve stress, enhance their team building skills and fine tune their power of focus and concentration. Regular play will help you to develop motor skills and leadership abilities, manage conflict and stress and create a welcomed reprieve from day to day tensions or monotony. Devotees of the game don’t need to conform to any typical physical level of fitness which makes it an excellent game for all ages, genders and body types and enables players to include any group of friends or family members in this pleasurable pastime.

Regardless of whether you’re a serious player or just tried it recently at your local pub, visit this site to keep up to date on news and information on the game of darts, including happenings in the professional world, possible tips, anecdotes and more!

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